Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reality Check

I have looked forward to this for such a long time. Probably an abnormally long time. Usually it's the woman in the relationship, but in our relationship it's me. May can't get here fast enough. We've made it out a couple times since Laura has been pregnant, but I knew the time would eventually come when she would have to forgo the trail. We had planned a trip for this weekend. It seemed like my first in such a long time, but in reality it hasn't really been long at all. Well, last minute Laura decided to cancel, and made the tough call of saying she was probably done hiking until Gabriel arrives. Of course, once he gets here it'll be a good while after that before she is able to make it back out. If I go without her, does that make me a bad husband/father? I'm sure she would tell me to go ahead and go but I think I would feel guilty. But man, without that, we're talking probably a year without sleeping in a tent.... yikes!